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Resolume Avenue v3.0.1
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1.Beschreibung Resolume Avenue v3.0.1:
Resolume Avenue 3 is a real-time instrument for live (audio) visual performances
Audiovisual Playback
Play Quicktime and AVI video files with audio or combine any .mov or .avi video file with any .wav or .aiff audio file.
Audiovisual Effects
Resolume 3 supports both VST audio effects and FreeFrameGL openGL video effects. Use them separately or combine them to create exciting new audiovisual effects. You can use as many effects as you like on clips, layers and the entire composition.
3D Compositing
Freely position, scale and rotate your clips and layers or even the entire composition.
OpenGL Accelerated
The entire video engine is running in 32 bit floating point precision on the video card's GPU so you can use alpha channels and masks and get the best image quality possible on today's hardware.
Global BPM Tempo
Everything can be linked to the global (Beats Per Minute) tempo to create a fully synchronized audiovisual performance. Automatically pitch the audio and video and synchronize parameter automation. Use the beat snap function to trigger clips in sync with the beat.
Output and Preview Monitors
With the preview monitor you preview a clip or layer and configure it so it looks and sounds just the way you like it before you play it.
Flexible Interface
The Resolume 3 interface scales to the size of your monitor. Use it on a 1280x800 laptop screen or on a 30 Inch 2560x1600 resolution screen. The more screen-real-estate you have the more comfortable it is to use any number of clips and layers.
English Deutsch Nederlands
The Resolume 3 interface is localized to English, Dutch and German. He's a quick learner and he likes to travel so more languages coming soon.
Audio Analysis
Resolume 3 can do audio FFT analysis to make any parameter bounce to the music. Animate the size, rotation or position of a clip or make effects dance to the beat.
DXV Codec
Our DXV QuickTime video codec is the fastest codec available for Resolume. It let's you work effortlessly with a lot of layers and high resolution video. Because it does all the playback on the videocard's GPU it's faster than any other codec. More info
Video mapping
With the keystone plugin and masks your screen does not have to be rectangular anymore. You can map the video onto any object or surface. Combined with multi-screen output you can even project on multiple surfaces or objects.
Because Resolume Avenue can output any resolution it works perfectly with the Matrox DualHead and TrippleHead to deliver multi-screen performances.
Use MIDI from any device or software to control the entire interface. Want more precision & flexibility? Resolume 3 can receive OSC (Open Sound Control) messages too!
Assign any layer to the A or B bus of the crossfader and mix it just like you do on a DJ mixer but now with audio and video.
Because Resolume 3 uses cross-platform technologies like openGL and C
it runs on both Mac OSX 10.4.9 or later and Windows XP & Vista.

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